My house in New Jersey (just a drem)

 Humor do dia: Tentando fazer mil coisas ao mesmpo tempo. Censura: Nenhuma

The house of my dreams is a small townhouse. It has some yellow, red and blue flowers in the front yard. The walls are painted with bright colors like white, blue or light yellow. There aren’t carpets in any room, except in the bathroom.

The living room has two small cozy couches, a television, a small bar, a modern and beautiful chandelier and a wall picture of sunflowers. My kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and a fruit bowl. The plates and cups are simple and white with no detail. The forks, knives and spoons are not decorated. The glasses are very light and I want to have cups for beverages because I think it is pretty and cool.

In the front hall, there are two small clocks on one wall and a big clock in front of the other wall. The large clock is for local time while the two smaller clocks are for any country that I want to go to or where I have friends or relative living.

My room has a large bed with a lamp beside it. My closet is big but simple. As I imagine this house to myself, it would be good with two bathrooms, one for me and one for visitors. On the top floor, my dream house has just one large room with a wooden cupboard with glass doors, where I can put my books, magazines and anything else that I buy. This room has a modern white desk with a globe on it. There are also two small cozy armchairs, which are modern. I would like to have some small decorations in that room from various decades, such as the 1970s or 1980s. The window in this room is large so I can see birds during the day and stars at night.

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