Why to be or not to be an Aupair – Nanny…Part I

Censura: Pessoas idiotas. Humor: Normal
summary of my life in California (I lived over there just 2 months).
The bad thing that happened there:
(talking about my hostfamily): They had a girl from Colombia working before me. One of the kids lied and she was taken by the police, almost arrested because the child  lied saying that she walked around the house naked. After all, the kid told the true, she never did that. And they wanted to do the same to me.The father yelled at everyone in the house, he was a monster. He wanted me to be the maid. He yelled at me all the time. He almost said to the agency that he paid my laptop. And the agency didnt trust me!

My host father never gave me the money to study. I paid the phone bill that I never used.  He didnt took me to the airport.The good things:
Natalia my friend who taught me how I should be open to friendships.

B., an American who was super nice romantic … I do not want to remember it hurts my heart …

My Mexican neighbor, who cooked for me, helped me many times, hugged me when I was down, took me to the airport.

j.: my friend showed me that San Francisco.

Everything was left behind …. so sad ..

What to do with those memories? I do not know, probably my best summer in  my life.

after CA I went to NJ…that I am going to write down  this week..

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