Restaurants in Rio de janeiro

Humor of the day: I am so tired my eyes are closing by themselves. Censorship: No one.

PS – My mother language is Portugues, I apologize my bad English. Learn more about me in ABOUT ME.

Before start reading my article, think with me if you are going to yell at me. Each person has a different taste. In my text I am just saying my very personal opinion.


When I lived in USA, there was only one question people liked to say: “How is Rio de Janeiro?”. I have never gone there in my whole life. I knew the adjectives used by others, such as “Is beautiful”, “Rio, wonderful City” (by a song, see below), “Rio 40 Celsius” (see song below), and “My Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful (also from a song). Yeah! For New Year Eve (2013 – 2014) I have decided to gamble in this city.


I have a lot to tell, but, today I am telling about restaurants in Rio. I am from a small city, one hour away from São Paulo city. I am paulista (people born in state of São Paulo), but from small city. I lived abroad once, I proved many kind of food, my dad was born in Japan. Well, I believe with the years I got experience with restaurants and foods. Not telling, I am vegetarian for 14 years so far.


Straight away, I can tell that Rio de Janeiro is not a city for vegetarians. The carioca (how we call people from Rio), like to eat meat. Of course there are lot of options of salads, even why with the weather is necessary to eat something light and fresh.


Everything is a question of taste! But, as you can notice in my “resume” above, to me the restaurants in Rio are not as good as in Sao Paulo. I observed that most of the fishes served at bars/restaurants are raw. It is made as salad and not fried or broiled.


At a bar/restaurante in São Paulo, when you order a sandwich it is always something imaginable, because is very different with a secret recipe. Is more like an Italian bread, a nice cheese and lot of secrets. A simple sandwich in Sao Paulo is more delicious than a whole meal. It can be expensive, but is tasteful.


In Rio de Janeiro, the sandwich is expensive (maybe less than in São Paulo), and is made with Portuguese bread (very popular for Brazilian breakfast) or pun bread (very cheap an popular also). At least, it was what I ate in Rio de Janeiro. It costs around R$ 25 and I could made it at home with old vegetables in my refrigerator. In other words, don’t buy it.


All Brazilian people and a well-informed tourist know that Leblon is a rich neighborhood. The restaurants are expensive and you don’t eat a lot. At Botafogo neighborhood is better, you can eat a lot, a very tasteful food and for less.


If you want my tip, go to eat at Botafogo. There are many restaurants where you can pay food per pound (very usual in Brazil) or to buy a “prato feito” (“dish made”), what is an individual plate with enough food for you. I am very Brazilian when talking about food, I appreciate to eat rice, salad and something more, that’s the reason why Botafogo works for me. There are lots of options.


In my next post I will say the names of some restaurants you can try! Now, let me go, writing it made me starve.


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